For Same Sex Marriage: A Civil Debate


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[FEB 2009] Texas Tech University

[OCT 2008] Northern Kentucky University

    October, 14 2008

    John & Glenn -

    Thank you both for coming and sharing your extensive knowledge and passion in regards to same sex marriage. Our students were treated to a debate that was thoughtful, well prepared and even better researched. It is through these dialogues that students are able to learn not only about the matter at hand; but also how to agree to disagree, in a civil manner. Again, thank you.

    Josh Gruenke
    Northern Kentucky University

[APR 2008] Maryville University

[FEB 2008] Otterbein College

    February, 2008

    Thank you *both* so, so much. You guys were dynamic, engaging, smart, funny. We couldn't have asked for a better experience for the audience. There was incredible plurality of thought and great energy in the space. I heard lots of positive feedback today from all pockets of campus. The mutual warmth and respect between you is abundantly evident, but so is the conviction behind your individual positions. All my best, S

    (Ashworth, Suzanne M)

[OCT 2007] Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge

    October, 2007

    Hi Gina,

    Everything was wonderful. Glenn and John were a pleasure to assist, and their engagement of the audience was great. The program was very interesting and educational. People mentioned that they were there to get a different perspective on the topic, and they did. They asked tons of questions, and respectfully discussed their thoughts. Over all, it was a very successful event.

    Avery Smith
    Programs Coordinator, Union Programs Office

[MAR 2007] Westminster College

    Hi Gina!

    Just wanted to let you know that yesterday's debate was a HUGE success for us! I'm forwarding some coverage we received from a local news station, I hope you enjoy it. We had a minor glitch getting the show started due to John's flight trouble, but it really didn't matter. Our lecture hall was packed, standing room only, and all the students/faculty/staff waited patiently until 4:30 for things to start. John and Glen kept fielding questions until just after 6:15...and over 60 people stayed through to the very end. They got a little heated on a few issues, which was quite fun to see. John said that they usually don't get that way during their program, and that the ride back to STL would probably be interesting. :)

    We didn't end up having someone from the college tape the entire debate, but I did talk to the cameraman from KRCG. He got about 12 minutes of footage, but not the entire thing. Do you want me get a copy of that for you? I think there is live footage on the KRCG website too, so feel free to check that out as well.

    I put the check in the mail this morning, so it should be in your hands soon! Thanks again for everything!

    Have a nice weekend,
    Director of Student Activities, Westminster College

[MAR 2007] Ferris State University

    Hi Gina!

    First of all... SO sorry about the check! It just completely slipped my mind. I just checked our safe, and it was there! So I dropped it in the mail yesterday. I apologize for the delay.

    The event went REALLY well. Both John and Glenn were very easy to work with and made the experience great. Our attendance was 457, which is pretty decent for us. The highest for a speaker series event so far this semester! I think the students really enjoyed the event, and got a lot out of it. As soon as the Q&A began, there were two lengthy lines at the microphones, and the questions and conversation kept going in the hallway long after the event ended. I appreciated John & Glenn's willingness to stay and talk with students. There several adminstrators at the event as well and they all gave kudos for a great, educational event.

    . . .

    It was great working with you... and with John & Glenn. Hopefully we can work together again in the future! Have a great rest of your week!

    Matt Eickhoff
    Student Engagement & Activities Coordinator
    Office of Student Leadership & Activities
    Ferris State University

[MAR 2007] University of Alabama


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