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Ash featured on NPR: What's Your Coming Out Story?

Upworthy: So You're Not Sure If You Should Ever Use The Word 'Gay?' Here's The Handiest Flow Chart Ever.

TED Weekends: WATCH: 5 Wildly Viral TED Talks That Will Show You The Power Of Courage

Good Life Project: Closets are No Place to Live: Ash Beckham

Huffington Post: Gay Advocate Ash Beckham Explains Why Even Straight People Need To Come Out Of The Closet (VIDEO)

Upworthy: Watch A Lesbian Attack The Word 'Gay'

BuzzFeed: No, That’s Not “So Gay”
Ash Beckham gives a kick-ass presentation how to deal with derogatory phrases like “That’s so gay.” She even has flowcharts! Everybody loves flowcharts.

Oklahoma’s Red Dirt Report: Nationally-recognized LGBT activist Ash Beckham pays visit to OKC's Cimarron Alliance

myCentralJersey.com: Ash Beckham joins students at Gay Straight Alliance Forum in South Brunswick

Hello Giggles: The 3 Pancake Principle and Why Ash Beckham Is Superwoman


After Ellen: Morning Brew – Winona Ryder on being gay bashed

George Takei Facebook post: This makes a great point quite simply.

Momastery Facebook post: You guys, PLEASE LISTEN TO ASH.


[FEB 2017] “Denver Online High School loved having Ash Beckham at our biggest college and career readiness event of the year called Planning for Success. She was honest, thoughtful, and spoke authenticity into our students, weaving in our theme and intent for the day's event. She was courteous to our scheduling needs and budget restraints, stayed after the event to connect with event attendees, incorporated interactive polls that supplied information about our school we could use later, and even sent a follow-up thank you note. She is a great person with a great message. The managing agency was also very helpful and worked efficiently to get all necessary paperwork covered, ensuring we had all that we needed for a successful day. We would definitely recommend them in the future!” – Kaci Sintek, Community Development Coordinator, Denver Online High School

[NOV 2015] “Ash was absolutely amazing! Her talks with the students before and after the presentation left an impression. They are still talking about it. Audience members came up and thanked us for bringing her to Appalachian State. We could not have asked for a better program.” – Jana Vise, Associate Director for Student Programs, Appalachian State University

[OCT 2015] "This is the second year we brought Ash to campus and she did not disappoint. She has a natural ability to connect with the audience and is able to talk about difficult topics with ease." – Michele Jenkins, Associate Director, Radford University

[MAR 2015] “Ash was absolutely fantastic, the lecture was intimate as it was a holiday but the people who did attend could not have raved about her more. She was such an addition to the campaign and said some incredible things during her lecture. We hope to bring her back to our school at some point to have her speak again to a wider audience. It was amazing, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to making this event a success.” – Samantha Simonds, Events Assistant, Special Events, California State University-Northridge

[FEB 2015] “Ash showed up on 1/19 early in the morning and attended our morning address speaker... This alone shocked a few of us, simply because we’d never had a keynote show interest in other elements of the celebration. We realize that time schedules are tough, but right from the start Ash never made us feel like she was just “squeezing this in” before heading off to another speaking engagement. Leading up to the event, she was very easy to exchange info with through email, which was great. We also had a student with a hearing impairment who asked if Ash could wear an additional mic receiver so that the student could hear the presentation. There was never a question asked, it was just, “absolutely, no problem.” We had some technical difficulties at the start of her presentation, and she rolled with it very well. After the presentation, she stayed around to take questions, meet students, take selfies with them, and sign autographs. We had a small reception for her with dinner and she made it a point to go around to each of the dinner tables and spend some time with everybody. Ash was by far the best keynote we’ve ever had for this celebration. And thanks to Kirkland for helping make it happen.”
Don Austin, Assistant Director of Community Service, Ithaca College

[APR 2014] “Ash was wonderful. Her message was exactly what our students needed/wanted to hear. They would have sat there all night listening to her. We went to dinner afterward with some of my students and they were enthralled. She spent time talking with students after the presentation and it was clear they felt listened to. Students are still talking about her.”
Jeannie DiClementi, Psy.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, Indiana University-Purdue University Ft. Wayne

"Having Ash Beckham present to two audiences in Portland, Oregon was exciting, inspiring, and entertaining. The dialogue has continued months following her thought-provoking, engaging and relatable presentation."
Debbie Caselton, Chair
Diverse and Empowered Employees of Portland (DEEP)

"I watched Ash Beckham light up the faces of PFLAG members with her high-energy presentation of an edgy but respectful monologue. Ash has the ability to cross generations with her fast-paced humor. Her use of projected images brings a smile to support her powerful message that calls for us to change our behaviors and be more accepting of ourselves and of one another."
Jean Hodges, National Vice-President
Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

"Ash is someone who we can relate to, we can laugh with and we can even order pancakes from. Her video "Coming Out of Your Closet" is amazing because she is not afraid to discuss all our secrets, no matter what they are, and she wants us to look them straight in the eye and say, 'I can do this, I can come out.' Anyone can make a change and Ash Beckham is positive proof of that."
Jill Ventrice, Teacher & Parent


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