For Anna David


[AUG 2011]

Dear Ms. David,

Thank you for taking time to come to Morningside College to speak about your experiences! I'm sure that many people enjoyed having you here! What you do is truly amazing! I wish more people could hear about — or even read about — everything you've been through. Hopefully everyone here today really listened to everything you said and thought about the many consequences they may encounter in the future if they make unhealthy choices! Every incoming freshmen college student should get to hear from someone such as yourself! Keep up the good work, and good luck in the future!

Brian Hughes


[AUG 2011]

Dear Anna,

I'm Spencer Eiseman and I'm a freshman at Morningside. I wanted to thank you personally for your awesome presentation yesterday in the Yockey Room! I got a lot out of it, and was interested the WHOLE time. Your story is truly amazing and inspirational! I myself have had problems in the past with trying to get attention by partying, though I didn't let it become a habit. Every time I do anything along the lines of partying, alcohol/drugs/whatever, I always tell myself that it's wrong the whole time and then end up finding myself doing it again, just to fit in. Your story gave me that extra push to keep me away from it already, I was asked to go party last night and said no. So I wanted to thank you for that!
You are an amazing woman and I think all adults, especially young adults, need to hear your amazing story.

Thanks again!! (and again and again)
Spencer Eiseman (:


[MAY 2011] Whatcom Community College

Hi, Anna,

I want to thank you for coming to Whatcom and discussing a subject that is taboo at most colleges. When I first saw the flyer for your lecture, I immediately copied it and took it home to my 26 year old son. I suggested that he attend and (I am not ashamed) I used your attractiveness as an incentive to get him to go.

My son started drinking with his friends in high school. Ten years later, he wants to quit but he is addicted. He tells me that when the time comes, he will just stop. I know he means it but it seems easier to continue than to quit. . . . Even the financial aspect of affording alcohol does not stymie him as his friends will “help him out” if he’s short on money.

The day of the lecture, my son showed up early for work and asked me if I wanted to “hang out” until he had to work. It was his suggestion that we drop in on your lecture for a few minutes, “just to get a look at the beautiful woman”. You were about 15 minutes into the lecture at just the right spot for him. You were discussing how: alcohol + male attention = having a good time. It immediately made him think of his definition of a good time.

It was good for him to hear that self-esteem is part of the addiction. He is brilliant but is afraid to show it. . . .

It was fantastic when you talked about needing that “hit”. I saw his eyes well up with tears when you discussed drinking long after the “hit” wore off. Now I know that he really doesn’t enjoy drinking to excess or by himself. . . .

To make a long comment short (too late), I want to personally thank you for addressing this issue in a way that can be heard by those who think they have no alternative to addiction. I love my son very much and you were the perfect medicine at a time when he was able to hear.



"Anna's candor in sharing her story of battling addiction challenged students to critically reflect on the choices they make in their lives. Her story invites honest dialogue and deep transformation of heart, mind and soul. Students were riveted."
– Anthony Nicotera, Adjunct Professor, NYU Silver School of Social Work

"Great show and rapport with the students. Anna left them thinking and talking about items for the future."
– Zeak Naifeh, Director of Student Activities, Cameron University

"Anna captured the attention of our students with her honest, insightful, and thought provoking recount of her personal struggles with alcohol and drugs. Thankfully this wasn't your typical anti-alcohol & drug lecture, and because of this, students were engaged from beginning to end."
– Laura Singletary, Student Programs and Leadership Coordinator, Whatcom Community College


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