You and your favorite celebrities appear together on the red carpet for a candid photo shoot. Smile big, because tonight, you're a star! With over 50 celebrities to choose from, you pose in front of the green screen and we do the rest. Your personal PAPARAZZI PIC is then printed on 4x6 photo paper and presented to you minutes later.

Here are some of the celebrity photos available for this event:

Chase Crawford
Criss Angel
Lil Wayne
Zac Efron
Tracy Morgan
Taylor Lautner
Reggie Bush
Robert Pattinson
Jonas Bros
Frank Sinatra
50 Cent
Brad Pitt
Ashton Kutcher
Chris Brown
Chris Rock
David Beckham
George Clooney
Patrick Dempsey
Matthew Mcconaughey
Kanye West
Leonardo Dicaprio
Jake Gyllenhaal
Josh Duhamel
John Hartnett
Johnny Depp
Keanu Reeves
Kobe Bryant
Matt Damon
Mario Lopez
Dwayne Wade
Justin Timberlake
Lebron James
Snoop Dog
Pete Wentz
Tom Cruise
Travis Barker
Will Smith
Vegas Showgirls
Vanessa Hudgens
Rachel Bilson
Mila Kunis
Kate Beckinsale
Heidi Montag
Dakota Fanning
Holly Madison
Taylor Swift
Adriana Lima
Alicia Keys
Angelina Jolie
Audrina Patridge
Anna Kournikova
Blake Lively
Britney Spears
Carmen Electra
Eva Mendez
Gisele Bundchen
Halle Berry
Jessica Alba
Jessica Biel
Jessica Simpson
Janet Jackson
Keira Knightley
Kim Kardashian
Katie Holmes
Lauren Conrad
Mariah Carey
Lindsay Lohan
Miley Cyrus
Victoria Beckham
Scarlett Johansson
Paris Hilton


Production Rate

Up to 40 per hour

Technical Specifications

School must provide one volunteer, a covered workspace (indoor/tent/canopy), a table, a chair, bottled water, and access to a power outlet. If nearby parking can be arranged that would be appreciated as well.

Reviews, Comments, and Articles

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