Wax Hands are created when participants dip their hands into a warm wax until a mold is formed, removed, and then colored by dipping it into a variety of dyes. This event is a perfect fit for orientations, Spring Flings, Fall Fests, and anytime you want to get students involved in a fun activity. Everyone takes home a memento of the event, making Wax Hands a guaranteed crowd pleaser!

Production Rate

50 per hour

Technical Specifications

10x10 area to set up in — area needs to be level, air temperature needs to be 50 degree minimum for outside set up, otherwise the set up needs to be indoors, 110 electrical within 25 ft. (20 amp service), if event is upstairs there must be access to an elevator, bottled water, 2.5 hour minimum set up time required.

[APRIL 2012] "It was AMAZING!!!! I love Michelle. She always does an amazing job and we LOVE to have her on campus."
Amanda Horne, Assistant Director Student Affairs Programs for Student Activities, Stephen F. Austin State University


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