Technical Specifications

  • Standard Introduction
    (8 KB – PDF)
  • Sound: 2 lavaliere mics
    on stage, 2 hand held mics
    on mic stands in audience –
    one on each side in front
    of the stage.
  • Light: Basic Stage Lighting
  • Other: 1 podium, 1 table
    to one side of the stage
    with 2 chairs at this table.
  • Green Room: 4 bottles of water

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Debating Same-Sex Marriage

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In recent years, public opinion has shifted dramatically in favor of same-sex marriage, especially among college students. But this shift has led to new conflicts, as well as questions about how to coexist in a society where diverse sides proclaim strong convictions. Should same-sex marriage be available in every state, and who should decide? Should those who object be allowed to decline to provide services (such as photography or cake design) for same-sex weddings? What is the meaning of marriage, anyway? And how do we balance religious-liberty claims with anti-discrimination principles?

With over two decades’ experience as a bridge-builder in the culture wars, John Corvino is available for debates and dialogues on these and other hot-button topics. He has participated in dozens of same-sex marriage debates with leading opponents such as Sherif Girgis, lead author of What is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense; Glenn Stanton of Focus on the Family, and Maggie Gallagher of the National Organization for Marriage, with whom he co-authored the book Debating Same-Sex Marriage (the only book ever to be endorsed by both Dan Savage and Senator Rick Santorum!).

More recently, he and Matthew Lee Anderson, lead writer at MereOrthodoxy.com and a rising young Christian leader, have developed the lively and crowd-pleasing program “A Gay Man and an Evangelical Walk into a Bar: Frank Talk in the Culture Wars.”

Corvino is available for programs with these and other opponents. They will work together to show audiences how it is possible to disagree vigorously while maintaining a respectful and productive dialogue—and even build valuable friendships.

John Corvino, Ph.D. is a philosophy professor at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. For years he was also known as "The Gay Moralist," a regular columnist for 365gay.com and other venues. As a speaker, he has educated diverse audiences, including professional organizations, the Lawrence Livermore National Research Laboratory, the National Institutes of Health, and hundreds of university audiences. His academic writing has appeared in dozens of scholarly journals and books, including Do We Need Minority Rights? Ethics in Practice, and The Philosophy of Sex.


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