SAVE is a gender-neutral program that employs everything we have learned about personal safety over our past 15 years of educating and empowering people to be their own best protectors. Our mission is to help men and women stand together as a united front against violence in all of the ways it presents itself. We focus on becoming active bystanders and better allies, as well as representatives of enthusiastic consent. We teach verbal de-escalation and boundary setting skills for your everyday life. We help you hone your intuition & awareness, practicing the basics of personal safety and self-defense while keeping it interactive, fun, and engaging. SAVE is appropriate for men and women of all ages and is presented by one of our three speakers-all trained in self-defense, personal safety, and victim advocacy.

“Nicole was amazing – she listened to everything we wanted to cover and did a fantastic job. We could not be more pleased with her presentation. In fact, she mentioned if we got a group of women together we could arrange sessions at a nearby location. I actually have a High School daughter and would love to do something like this with her friends. Thank you for all your help assisting.” – Samantha McNulty, Senior Manager, Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP


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