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Technical Specifications

  • Battling Political Apathy: Mac-compatible projector (performer has own VGA cables and converter), 2 microphones, 1 input for acoustic guitar if size of room warrants it.
  • Student Burnout Workshop: None. Presenter will provide handout.
  • Radio Workshop: None, but is best if workshop is conducted with access to Campus Radio Station or in the studio.

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Ron Placone speaks on the importance of civic engagement, political activism, social movements and how to think critically about contemporary media and politics. A comic with a passion for the issues, Ron will make you laugh, think and gasp with disbelief in the same hour. Using examples from current events, Ron takes the audience on a tour of the contemporary media structure and political landscape that is bound to challenge the way “we the people” consume the news and engage as citizens with a program that can only be described as “equal parts funny, fascinating and frightening.”

Ron Placone is a writer and contributor for the smash Political/Comedy/News show The Jimmy Dore Show, a regular on The Stephanie Miller Show as well as TYT Nation, and a self-proclaimed stuff-enthusiast.


Battling Political Apathy
Battling Political Apathy is a provocative multimedia one-man show/performance lecture on media policy by Ron Placone. Describing the show “as The Daily Show meets the BBC series How TV Ruined Your Life with an academic edge,” Ron takes the audience on a tour through a contemporary media landscape where advertisers, owners and special interest groups come first and the general public comes dead last.
Battling Political Apathy premiered on June 23, 2012 to a sold-out audience at the Steel City Improv Theater in Pittsburgh.

“What happens when a comedian gets serious? Find out when comic Ron Placone does battle with corporate newsmongers.” –Pittsburgh Magazine

“[Battling Political Apathy] blends lecture, storytelling and videotaped comedy sketches to explore corporate consolidation, the homogenization of media, and how media manipulates messages.” –Pittsburgh City Paper.

Run Time: Appx 60 Minutes with Q & A.


Student Burnout Workshop
First Semester? Or Just Feeling Overwhelmed? This workshop will give you tips and techniques on what to avoid as a full-time student and, if you are experiencing difficulty, how to navigate through that difficult semester and stay on track.

Student Burnout is seldom talked about, but it is very, very real. Student Burnout is that moment when all of the sudden you’re not in control anymore. If not handled properly this can lead to a lower GPA, failing out of classes and, possibly most significantly, dropping out.

Student Burnout is also usually preventable and can be fixed.
Several years ago, Ron Placone found himself in a unique situation. He worked in banking for a period of time and then was offered a graduate assistantship to earn a Master’s in Communication. As graduate school was always a desired endeavor, he left the workplace and re-entered academia.
Throughout his program he did research on workplace burnout. He learned that the concepts in the workplace are also very applicable to being a professional student. Being a long time student himself, he adapted some of the concepts from workplace burnout: communication techniques (high vs. low context communication between professors and students), fostering creativity through assessing roles and strengths in a desired field of study, and constructive cynicism (certain forms of cynicism ARE NOT negative!)

By applying his workplace research to academia, he has created a new program to help students throughout their academic journey and avoid Student Burnout.

This interactive workshop will cover the above topics as well as:

  • Course Selection: How to be strategic and avoid undesirable schedule situations.
  • Time Management: Let’s be real, this is really what college is all about, managing your time. However, it’s also supposed to be an enjoyable and enriching endeavor in your life.
  • Maintaining Healthy Relationships between professors, advisors, and fellow students. In addition to maintaining healthy relationships, we’ll go over avoiding toxic ones.

Run Time: Appx 60 Minutes, a 30-Minute version is available as well, + Q & A.

Radio Workshop: How to “Do Radio” in Today’s Market
A workshop for anyone looking to become a radio personality or online content creator for a career.

With ever-changing technology and an evolving media landscape the state of radio is quite a complex one. Media policy, economics and availability of resources have caused the job market in radio to shrink while simultaneously morph into new opportunities for media entrepreneurship.

This workshop explores the current state of radio as well as the execution of programming.

Topics include:

  • Developing a show clock be it a talk or music show.
  • Catering content to podcasts and other new media.
  • The current state of radio and the skill set needed for survival.
  • Different ways of seeking revenue for new media ventures i.e. crowd sourcing, underwriting and syndication.

Ron Placone is a media/radio personality. He is a member of The Young Turks Network on YouTube, the largest online news network in the world, where he releases content daily. He is also the co-host of the Indie Bohemians Morning Show, one of the few independent morning shows left in the US. In addition to creating content Ron tours college campuses with his lecture/performance on media policy, Madness in the Message, and he also tours as a stand-up, so he’s been around a radio studio or two.

Run Time: Appx 60 Minutes, a 30-Minute version is available as well, + Q & A.



  • Weekly call-in to Quinn's AM Army Morning Show, Chambersburg, PA 2012-2014
  • Co-Host/Head Producer Indie Bohemians Morning Show, WRFN, Nashville, TN 2014-Present

Comic Spots on:

  • 102.5 WDVE Morning Show Pittsburgh, PA
  • 93.7 The Fan Pittsburgh, PA
  • 97.7 KCRR Cedar Falls, IA
  • 104.1 WAVE and 105.5 Tommy & Abbi Morning Show Myrtle Beach, SC


  • Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival Asheville, NC 2013
  • Bend International Comedy Competition Bend, OR 2009
  • NACA Nationals 2014, Showcase
  • APCA Nationals 2013, Showcase
  • NACA Nationals 2015, Ed Session
  • APCA Midwest Fall 2014, Showcase and Ed Session


  • Sprint Comedy Time (Comic)
  • Comcast On-Demand (Comic)
  • The Young Turks Network on YouTube


  • Published in the Journal of Contemporary Rhetoric, 2011.

Presented at:

  • Eastern Communication Association 2011
  • College Media Advisors 2013
  • Union for Democratic Communication 2013
  • Adjunct Faculty Member, Nashville State Community College, 2015-Present


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