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Our PLANT A TREE KITS are a very affordable way to get students involved in the environment. Perfect for Earth Day (April 22nd), these tree kits are fitted with custom labels for your event or campus and can be planted in the ground or grown into bonsai.

Each kit contains a biodegradable peat pot with an expandable nutrient soil pellet, seeds and a 32-page information-packed booklet inside a 2 1/2"x 2 1/2" decorative box. As well as growing instructions, the booklet contains information about the specific tree, "Tree Facts" about the environmental benefits of trees and tree mythology. The kits provide everything one would need to grow a tree from seed. The kit is designed to be "add water only" and can be grown in a sunny window.

We unconditionally guarantee our seeds to sprout. All the materials in the kits are biodegradable. The book and box are printed on high-grade recycled paper with soy inks.

Your package will include an assortment of trees including: American Elm, Blue Spruce, Dawn Redwood, Douglas Fir, Flowering Catalpa, Giant Sequoia, Ponderosa Pine, and Red Maple. A minimum order of 100 is required.


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