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Working as a reporter & writer for fifteen years, award-winning German TV host Michael Wigge specializes in incredible challenge stories. How to Travel the World for FREE, How to Barter for Paradise (where he turned an apple into a Hawaiian dream house just by bartering for bigger, better things), and How to Travel 2000 Miles on a Razor Scooter in 80 Days are just three of his seven travel series. He has shared his journeys on both the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the Today Show. His TV shows and books have been broadcasted and published internationally and he has harnessed these experiences into a series of keynotes and presentations focused on creativity, persistence, self-motivation, and courage. Michael is living proof that the sky is not the limit, nor are there any limits at all. His keynotes show how opening your mind to new adventures and striving for ambitious goals can lead to incredible results and a really fun time.


How to Travel the World for Free
A Keynote on Growing through Unexpected Challenges
How often do you hear “We should do it, but...” or “Maybe we could, someday...” spoken by friends, family, or even yourself? Better question: how often does anyone follow through on these ideas? Speaker, Michael Wigge, has made a lifetime of letting those questions guide him. That’s why he embarked on a journey to the end of the world, 25,000 miles from Europe to Antarctica, without a single penny in his pocket. Every day on the road, his ingenuity was put to an extreme test as he rooted out any opportunity that did not betray his cost-free limitations: food, lodging, and transportation were all improvised. He worked as a butler for an ambassador in Panama, couch-surfed in the homes of strangers, and offered his services as a professional pillow-fighter. Michael’s presentation covers his 25,000 mile trip around the world, featuring video segments and images from his travels, and includes lessons like:
  • How to use a positive outlook and a sense of humor to find community no matter where on Earth you might find yourself.
  • How to muster up the courage to take that first decisive step towards a goal.
  • How to bring a vision to life step-by-step through persistence and creativity.
  • Important tips & tricks for self-motivation and remaining resolute.
  • Everything is possible – the only requirement: Know your passion!

How to Trade an Apple For a House in Hawaii
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Have you ever felt the satisfaction of clinching a real good deal? Or the warm success of navigating a difficult challenge and coming out on top? Negotiation and collaboration are two sides of the same coin and the fundamentals of both can be found in the act of bartering. Speaker Michael Wigge began his challenge ′How to Barter for Paradise′ with just an apple in his hand and a dream of a house in Hawaii and shows you how to negotiate the life you want to lead. Wigge spent months traveling through 14 countries across six continents, exchanging his goods on-hand for more valuable ones. Along the way, he met funny and eccentric people; global citizens all unified by their willingness to offer support. Michael, in turn, offered any possible service in exchange: from feeding wild crocodiles in Australia to playing the French horn on Mount Kilimanjaro. In India, he fixed up a motorized rickshaw and traded it for 250 feet of silk. He brought jade to an American millionaire to barter for three ounces of gold and silver. After many deals around the world, he reached his goal: a house in Hawaii! It required the foresight to plan ahead, the spontaneity to cope with the collapse of those plans, and, most of all, the tenacity to keep his eyes locked on the target, no matter what difficulties arose.
Michael’s presentation covers his global bartering adventure, featuring video segments and images from across the world, and focuses on concepts like:

  • Flexibility – how to prepare for and adapt to constantly changing situations.
  • Thinking ahead – predicting the movement of others to successfully keep track of your targets.
  • Proactivity – taking the first step before it’s too late to take it at all.
  • Motivation – the secret of trusting yourself and continuing onward, even in seemingly hopeless circumstances.
  • Communication – how to get your message across whether at the negotiation table or the team huddle.

[NOV 2015] “Michael’s speech was an incredible inspiration. It was communicated very professionally and entertainingly. Our guests were fascinated by his extreme life stories.” – Sonja Grondey, WSW Software

[JUL 2015] “Michael’s speech ‘How to Reach Goals and Live Dreams’ was amazing during our company apprentice graduation celebration. Michael perfectly managed to combine his extraordinary experiences with the needs of our employees in the insurance business.” – Mrs. Sollmann, Huk Coburg Insurance Company


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