This novelty is the perfect addition to your dorm or apartment. Get a completely customized street sign with your name, club, group, or favorite saying in bold text for everyone to see. Professionally crafted on-site, we use real rounded edge steel signs and quality vinyl text to make your sign look just like a real street sign. Best of all, this novelty will last a lifetime.

Signs are available as:

  • 6" x 24" in Green, Blue, Red, or Black with White Lettering
  • Full Color 8" x 8" with Multicolored Text and Backgrounds
  • 3" x 12" in Full Color

Production Rate

20 – 25 per hour

Technical Specifications

  • 1 volunteer requested
  • Access to nearby power
  • 2 six-foot tables

[APR 2014] "Everything was wonderful! The students loved the street signs as usual and your guy is always a pro! Thanks for always providing us a great service! I submitted a form to Campus Activities Magazine reflecting our overwhelmingly positive experience!" – Emily Bell Cox, Student Life Coordinator, University of Arkansas at Little Rock


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