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  • Minimum room size of 20’ x 20’ with no obstructions, gym mats, access to the space 1 hour before and 1 hour after

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Knowing you can handle yourself in any physical situation means you carry yourself differently. If you believe your life is worth fighting for, you’re likely to believe your ideas, health and happiness are worth it too. When you are able to communicate clearly what you want or need from any situation, you assess people differently, you value yourself differently, people listen to you differently. Your personal safety skills turn into healthy communication skills that translate to all areas of your life. We offer dynamic, empowering, self-defense, assertiveness, boundary-setting classes encompassing verbal strategies, awareness skills, and yes, full-force physical assailant defense. Our training is focused on prevention of and recovery from assault as it puts students in touch with their innate power regardless of size, strength, fitness or (dis)ability level. We are women and men working together to say no to violence.

Our padded assailants wear specially designed, protective armor so that our students can strike full-force and find out what it really takes to confront a larger person or to deliver a knockout blow to an aggressor. They are protected from head to toe, providing students with the unique opportunity to fight back using all of their strength and without hesitation.

Classes can be offered in single workshops starting with a 3 hour event or be offered as a series of workshops over several weeks. Our courses are ideal for schools wanting to offer practical physical education that can make students safer and more empowered, and for corporations that want to increase the personal safety of their employees, as well as community groups who want to bring safety and empowerment to their organization. References from high schools, colleges, and corporations who have experienced first-hand the impact of IMPACT, are available on request. We can custom create an event based on your attendees and your needs.

Some of the programs we offer include:

  • Intro Workshop – standard workshop is 3 hours
  • Basic Series (can be offered for mixed gender groups or for men only or women only) – standard series is 20 hours

Intro and Basic Series courses are designed to include content such as:

  • Awareness and Intuition
  • Avoidance and that the best fight is the one never fought
  • Physical Techniques: Heel/Palm/Knee
  • Verbal Strategies: Stranger and Familiar
  • Verbal Drills
  • Combo of verbal and physical scenarios

Why Self-Defense? Check out a trailer from the documentary "Beauty Bites Beast."

Intro Workshop
This hands-on class gives students a comprehensive taste of all our training. Students will work on awareness as well as verbal and physical self-defense skills in a safe and supportive environment. The focus of the Intro Workshop is to teach students how to tap into their own intrinsic power and to leave the class with a solid understanding of how to safely deal with confrontations in a variety of situations. Each class ends with a confrontation fight with no verbal, a verbal drill with no fight, and then a confrontation with verbal and a fight. Like all of our classes, the intro is team-taught by a female lead instructor and one of our padded assailants. This course is 3 hours and suitable for up to 16 students, teens and older.

Women's Basics
In our flagship course, students will learn verbal and physical defense tactics that apply to a wide range of real-life scenarios including dealing with strangers and familiars (people you know). This class also focuses on awareness skills, avoidance, and target denial skills, and intuition as the key to personal safety. IMPACT's adrenaline-state, full-force training and layered teaching style ensures that the physical techniques are turned into "muscle memory" that will stay with the students for life. This class is applicable for anyone regardless of age, fitness level, or physical limitations and we work around existing injuries and disabilities to find techniques that work best for individual students.

This class answers these questions:
* What do I do if I'm grabbed from behind and taken to the ground?
* What do I do if confronted by a person who is angry? Or drunk? Or nervous? Or suave?
* How can I escape a pinned position?

Once students know that they can absolutely deal with all the above situations, life seems to flow a little easier. And, despite all the amazing physical skills IMPACT teaches, the best thing students gain is the understanding of how NOT to fight; and, instead, how to see trouble coming and avoid it, how to talk their way out of sticky situations, and how to maintain grace under pressure. The class is team taught by a female lead instructor and one of our padded assailants. This course is 20 hours and suitable for up to 16 students, teens and older.

Men's Basics
This course starts from the same teaching philosophy as the Women's Basics, but we expanded and adapted this course to deal with the different issues men face in assault situations and confrontations. The Men's Basics includes full-force training scenarios. Physical skills, verbal strategies, and psychological readiness are geared specifically for the male consciousness and physical anatomy. Additional skills taught include subduing a larger attacker, ending an attack, and getting to safety. This course is 16 hours and suitable for up to 12 students, teens and older.

Kid's Basics
This is not a scary course, but an opportunity for kids to be stronger and empowered in having a say in their own safety and well-being. Over two sessions, students will practice strike and flee responses designed to get them out of harm's way and to safety as quickly as possible. We teach students how to get the attention of a safe adult, how to report an incident, and how to set verbal boundaries with a variety of aggressors-including bullies their own age, "trusted" adults, and strangers. This safe and supportive environment is ideal for kids to practice how to lead themselves out of problematic situations. This course is 6 hours and suitable for up to 12 students, ages 6 to 13.

IMPACT can also offer advanced programs such as:

  • Partners classes
  • Defense Against Armed Assailants
  • Defense Against Multiple Assailants
  • Self-defense for Educators

More on bringing IMPACT to your high school:

The Department of Justice reports that females ages 12 to 24 are at the greatest risk for experiencing rape or sexual assault. IMPACT protects teens and young people with our independent school program. At a time when even confident girls falter in their esteem as they seek to define their identities as women, we give them a new source of confidence: their own personal power and value. We can offer young men boosted self-esteem in handling potential conflicts with avoidance and non-violent techniques, as well as insight into the realities of gender-based violence, and an opportunity to step up and be a part of the solution. We are proud to say that our school programs continue to grow in scope and number of participating schools. The IMPACT independent school program has been offered in Los Angeles independent schools for over a decade. There are many types of schedules available from intensive one-day workshops of three to six hours of instruction to a full semester of curriculum-based programming offered through physical education or health education departments.

More on bringing IMPACT to your company:

Our corporate workshops are not just sitting and talking, but active and hands-on adrenaline management not only to improve job skills, but also for safer lives. For companies with employees traveling in the field, IMPACT workshops are critical. Our corporate workshops address the following:

  • Team Leadership: giving clear direction, creating communication protocols, coaching and mentoring skills, evaluations/giving and getting feedback, recognizing complementary skill sets a situation and making quick and appropriate responses
  • Personal Leadership: presentation skills, creative problem-solving, improving performance during stress and crisis
  • Health and Safety: safety while traveling, boundaries and limits, recognizing progressive stages of violence, trusting instincts
  • Sexual Harassment: definitions, preventions, interventions, reporting
  • Professional Development: dealing with stress and crisis, building peer support systems, enhancing group cohesion, recognizing and building on personal strengths, leadership skills
  • Communication Skills: handling difficult customers and vendors, handling tension with supervisors and colleagues, setting boundaries and limits

[FEB 2017] "Hi Gina, my daughter just got home from her 2nd class. She is so animated and excited about everything she is learning. She cannot stop talking about it and demonstrating for me!!! I'm so grateful to Impact because my daughter is learning and practicing what to do during encounters with people she does not know (or even ones that she does know). She is learning how to assess the situation, use appropriate language (from diffusing to getting outside attention/help), and how to physically defend herself. Please pass this message on to whomever else needs to get this feedback. From a mom of a young teenage daughter...THANK YOU!!!" – Kelli

[MAY 2016] “They were excellent! They demonstrated responses to many different scenarios, and had the students participate in ways that got them thinking and talking later. I liked that they gave students feedback right in the moment, and that they answered questions really thoughtfully and thoroughly. They also were very ‘real’ with the kids, not preachy or dorky, just straightforward and direct with an appropriate sense of humor. All-around awesome! Thank you so much.” – Karen Eshoo, Head of School, Vistamar School

[MAR 2016] “It was GREAT! The instructors were amazing and the girls had fun and learned a lot. They all said the 3 hours went by fast. I am hoping to have you do a similar class for my 15 year old and some friends, maybe over the summer. Thank you for a great event!” – Lori Altman, Host of Private Class


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