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Suicide Prevention


Suicide Prevention: You Can Make a Difference and Save a Life
A former writer for The Tonight Show, Speaker, and TED Talker, www.FrankTEDTalk.com, Frank King uses his lifetime battle with depression & thoughts of suicide, as well as his skills as a keynoter, as a vehicle for ending Suicide on Campus. He begins with Signs and Symptoms of Depression and thoughts of Suicide, and finishes with Solutions, and Postvention (what to do after a Suicide) techniques. He can do a general session for entire student body, followed by breakout sessions customized for the higher-risk student groups on campus: LGBTQ, Native Americans, Latinos & Latinas, Alaskan Natives, African-Americans, and veterans. Frank can leave a lasting legacy by certifying Resident Advisors, Faculty, and Staff with a Train the Trainer Program. 1100 college students die by suicide every year. The good news is: you can do something about that, you can make a difference, you can save a life.


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