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Stupid Tricks for Clever People

At the age of 17, Frank DeVille discovered a love and natural knack for magic. He was soon performing on the street, bringing in enough money to pay for his BFA in Theatre from George Mason University.

Frank has a very diverse, eclectic show taking classic illusions and magic tricks and devising completely unique methods of performance that often fool fellow magicians. Frank’s degree taught him the art of improvisation, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats or doubled over laughing.

Frank is lauded for drawing huge crowds, part of that success being attributed to the strolling magic teaser he performs before every show. He captivates individuals with his up-close sleight of hand and impossible tricks mere inches from their eyes. These “teaser” mini-shows create a huge buzz and guarantee a spectacular turnout.

Highly acclaimed by his peers, his esteemed awards include the 2008 People’s Choice Award, 2008 and 2009 winner of the “Robert Escher Close Up and Parlor Magic Competition,” and in 2009 he was awarded first place in the “Comedy Caravan’s Battle of the Hands.” Watch Frank perform and you will quickly understand why Alain Nu, star of TLC’s TV series “The Mysterious World of Alain Nu” said “Frank’s 6 bill repeat is the best I’ve ever seen.”

Stupid Tricks for Clever People: This magic show is a unique blend of side-splitting comedy and jaw dropping magic. Half Bugs Bunny, half Pepé le Pew, Frank DeVille delivers an hour of hilarious audience interaction, live music, and incredible displays of magic! It’s a show that will leave your campus talking for months. This show includes audience favorites: “Dangerballs!,” ”The Italian Six Pack,” and “His Girlfriend’s Favorite Card Trick!” Rating: PG 13

Frank "Dare" DeVille: Frank’s newest show combines visual and mental magic with a lot of audience participation that shows why Frank is the luckiest guy ever. It includes his signature straight jacket escape and an unbelievable display of mind reading he calls "The Sickest Thing Ever!" Rating: PG

Taking it to the Streets: Frank’s Street Magic Show is perfect for festivals and outdoor events. The Street Show is capable of roving and can be performed in any situation. Frank is experienced at getting people’s attention and he works the crowd with up close magic and dazzling displays of sleight of hand. This show includes "The Plastic Bag Straight Jacket of Death," "The Greatest Card Trick Ever!," and "Money That Grows On Trees." Rating: PG

[MAR 2015] “The event went really well! Thanks for checking in. Frank Deville was seriously one of the best performers I have worked with. His professionalism and kindness made it really easy to work with him. It was a huge pleasure and a successful event!” – Thega-Alem Berhe, Event Programmer, Northern Arizona State University

"Frank DeVille was an awesome act at our school. He's a combination of comedy and magic and is sure to please your school." – Corey Clamp, University of South Carolina - Aiken

“While booking acts for our school we've seen many magicians. Frank's the one we had to bring back!" – Louisiana Tech University – board members Ryan Rodriguez and Brandon Parker

"Frank's show was amazing! Not only was he incredibly nice and easy to work with, but he did a fantastic job on stage. The students loved him! We will definitely bring him back again. I wish all performers were as easy to work with as Frank!" – Manchester College – Shannon Green, Director of Student Activities

"Your magic rocked my friggin noggin!" – Patrick Carney, Drummer of The Black Keys

"We enjoyed having Frank DeVille, Your Girlfriend's Favorite Magician, to campus. Frank was great to work with and did an amazing job connecting with students during the teasers earlier in the day. Our students showed up excited and left amazed and highly entertained. I received a ton of great feedback from our campus community, some saying that this was their favorite event all year." – Brescia University – Lucas Langdon, Director of Student Activities

"He drew the biggest crowd we ever had! I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of big deck T-Shirts around campus!" – Penn State Behrend

". . . the show was a really huge hit. We had probably about 200 people come out to it, which for us, is a big turnout. Not only did the people come out, but the people loved it. I think the teaser definitely makes a huge difference with that. People saw a little bit of it earlier and they really wanted to see more. I think a lot of people came because they saw some tricks during his teaser . . . The show was definitely awesome. Frank did an amazing job and the crowd got really into it. I would really like to look into bringing him back in the future." – Florida Institute of Technology – Cecilia Finch


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