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Trust Your Hustle

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You’re worthless. You’re human garbage. You’re destined to fail in life. This is what the world told Anthony growing up in foster care before he decided to be the exception to the rule; but, how he did it is the amazing part. He applied a unique set of skills that he learned throughout life to become what no one, not even himself, believe he could be. Anthony is a former NFL player, runs a successful gym business that he started from scratch 6 years ago, trains professional athletes, works as an international speaker, is author of Trust Your Hustle Pt.1: A Life Forged By Fire, was featured in the Wall Street Journal, consults with multi-million dollar companies, and is a father to three amazing kids. Anthony brings to his audiences the tools from his life’s experiences that can help you achieve an unexpected life when you learn to Trust Your Hustle.

[JAN 2015] “Anthony was incredible! Working with him was so so easy and he was so personable. His performance was fantastic, more than I could have asked for. The students absolutely loved him here and I would love to recommend him to any school or organization looking to bring a motivational speaker. I want to thank you for working with us to have him come and speak here at JMU.” – Curtis Dahmer, Director of Special Events Committee, James Madison University

[NOV 2015] "Anthony was extremely easy to work with. He interacted well with the students and stayed late to talk to everyone who was interested." – Elizabeth DeGrandpre, Coordinator of Campus Life, Sheridan College


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